Nooie Doorbell Cam

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Nooie Doorbell Cam
Nooie Doorbell Cam
Nooie Doorbell Cam
Nooie Doorbell Cam

Nooie Doorbell Cam

  • Battery-Powered Smart Doorbell Camera
  • 2K HD Resolution and Infrared Night Vision
  • Smart Detection System; PIR, Radar and AI
  • Two-Way Audio System; Doorbell to Phone
  • Flexible Storage Option; SD Card or Cloud
  • Easy to Install, Access and Operate

  • $199.99

    Nooie Doorbell Cam

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    Product Spec

    • Size & Weight:
      168 x 60 x 44 mm; 310g
    • Field of View:
    • Resolution:
    • IR Night Vision:
      15m (49ft); 940nm
    • Battery Capacity:
      10,000 mAh
    • WiFi:
      2.4G & 5G
    • Storage:
      MicroSD Card (class 6 or above, from 4G to 128G) or Cloud (7 days, 15 days, 30 days)
    • Compatibility:
      Android 4.4+; iOS 8.0+

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Justin Merchison
    Lovely Doorbell

    Very reliable doorbell, Has great picture quality and good response time. Love this product!

    Laura Franco

    Feliz con este producto se ah adaptado mucho ami nesesidade Felicidades Nooie

    Jeffrey Buster
    Great Picture, Easy Setup, Great Two-way voice

    I have been using this door camera for a little while now after being sent it for a review and I have to say, it is a very well thought out doorbell camera. The color and feel is solid and professional looking, they included both a front facing and angled bracket to mount the doorbell, the doorbell and receiver reception is great, the quality of the video is really good (you should know it is a fish eye look in order to take in a wider angle) and perhaps most surprising to me is that the sound quality is quite good. You can actually have a voice conversation with someone. It is pretty faithful in letting me know when either someone rings the door bell or if it senses movement when someone approaches. There might be about a 30 second lag between the sensing and notifying me on my phone that there was movement. By this time you would have to watch a rerun of the video if the person leaves quite quickly. The phone app is pretty nice, especially because it is the same app for the doorbell and their 360 camera. The one thing I found a bit strange is that it includes a usb charging cable for the camera but not a usb plug to plug into the wall. Not a big deal but noticeable. The wishlist might be a movable camera for people being lightly off camera or packages being left on the ground. All in all, a really solid camera and very functional as a way to manage the front door while you are not there!

    The Bridge Church
    Quality video doorbell with smart features

    We were wanting a second video doorbell but didn't want to pay monthly subscription fees like some other big brand names. We have the Eufy doorbell and really like it but it has some quirks. We heard some good things about the Nooie doorbell and decided to give it a shot. It comes with the doorbell, hub, and two mounting plates, one for straight on and one for an angle or corner mount. We got it installed within 5 minutes and app installed on our phones. I like that the hub can be directly connected to our router via ethernet cable instead of just wirelessly. When the doorbell sees a person it notifies me on my phone and if they press the doorbell button it "calls" me and allows me to see a live view where I can then have a two way conversation with the person at the door. I got it configured with my Amazon Echo Show as well and set "scene" where when the button is pressed my echo show displays the doorbell live feed automatically which is very handy! The quality of the picture and audio is great and the night vision is very impressive as well. Loving this doorbell so far!

    Marcus Clark
    WONDERFUL addition to the Nooie Camera collection!

    Let me just say I LOVE this camera and am a fan of all the Nooie fans we’ve gotten so far. We had the 360 for our baby room so we decided to try the doorbell. We haven’t been disappointed. The shipping was super quick; it arrived 2 days after I ordered it.

    The longest part of the set up was waiting for the battery to charge (and how hard is that!). Everything was so simple and quick! The instructions make everything very clear and the camera comes with EVERYTHING you need. The box has the charger, camera, doorbell chime, ethernet cable or WiFi option, two different mounting plates to make it easy to put at the angle you want, screws, and wall anchors for different types of walls, and instructions. My FAVORITE part is that it also comes with a mounting sticker so you don’t have to measure where to put the screws. You just stick the sticker to the wall, drill through the holes in the sticker, and voila! My husband has NEVER hung something up so speedily! It might have taken him 3 minutes to mount it. So impressed. As I said, the instructions made everything so simple to set up and get connected. The app tells you everything to do step-by-step and the book gives any details you might need.

    Honestly, I couldn’t be more impressed. The picture after hanging it is clean and easy to see. The doorbell itself has a fun happy chime so it’s easy to hear. There are a lot of settings which enable me to choose how close or far to trigger an alert which is great because now I can watch anyone coming to my side door near my cars. But I can also turn it down so that it doesn’t catch every squirrel that sneaks into my carport! I think my favorite feature is when the doorbell rings, the app pops up a little picture of the video on my phone and gives me a yes/no option and some pre-recorded phrases I can respond with like: “we’ll be right there�?or “please leave the package�? It makes it faster than me having to turn on the app and microphone.

    All considering, I’m a huge fan and I think this is definitely worth every penny. Simple enough for anyone to use and high quality enough to make it a good investment! You won’t be sorry you got it!

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    Nooie Doorbell Cam